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The Devil Wears Prada via YouTube The Devil Wears Prada via YouTube

It’s a common thing to be nervous around a new boss, a teacher, during a disagreement with a parent, or even in a conversation with an outgoing person who seems to have all the answers. Every one feels this way to different degrees during different stages of their life. But even as we mature to adulthood, many people still carry around a high level of fear of authority that’s inherently irrational. Here I’m going to discuss the source of being afraid of a ‘scary boss’, discuss why it’s irrational, and talk about what can be done about it. Note that I’m not talking about inherently hostile workplaces.

1. It’s like being scolded by your parents

For some, being called out by your boss, especially if it’s public can have the effect of absolutely crushing your self confidence. This is because from a very young age all of…

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